What is your ideal spa-at home like?

This week I'll be going to Paris by myself for a few days and apart from visiting the city I also want to be able to relax. I booked a room with a bathtub (don't have one at home) and I want to plan a lovely relaxation night ^^

Tell me what that night would look like for you. Just chilling in bath with music? Bath bomb, bubbles or oil? Would you go full out and put on a facial mask? I'm curious :D


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  • well, for starters, you can run around naked alone in your apartment :D haha
    and take a hot relaxing bath, and you can also try getting a massage at a parlor, and listen to loud music, while dancing naked alone in your apartment
    and eat lots of good food, like fried chicken and pizza, while watching a good movie, and while sitting on a bed

  • I like long soaks in large tubs that have a constant temperature. Not practical for a home unless you live in a palace, though,


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