Anyone on here looking for romance?

you know the perfect love like you see in the movies, is that even possible?


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  • It's not possible. Because nobody wants that. You think you do, but you actually don't. Not only is what you see in those movies not what real life is, but it's actually boring. Girls love movies like that, and dream of finding a guy like the one in the movie. But the real truth is, once they DO find a guy like that, they will NEVER date them. At least, not for more than 2-3 weeks. It'll DEFINITELY not last longer than a month. It just doesn't happen.

    So yeah, they may be nice and stuff, but you're just fooling yourself if you expect to someday find something like what you see in movies.

    • SO what a girl will date a morron before they go out with a fantastic, sarcastic, funny and romantic guy?

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    • Enlighten me.....

    • Can't really explain it here in the comments, but it basically comes down to girls not knowing what they're looking for. Browse around here for a while, you'll see a bunch of questions from girls like: "WHY AM I SO ATTRACTED TO ASSHOLES?!" It's like, amazing and mind-blowing how they're completely oblivious to what makes them attracted to a guy. You ask why a girl will date a moron instead of a romantic guy? Search for an article called "In Response To The Princess Dilemma".

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  • I think it's possible. VERY rare but it's somewhere out there. =)

  • The perfect love that you see in movies doesn't exist.

    Real life isn't that easy.

    Real relationships, even happy ones, go through tough and complicated times that involve arguments, sacrifices and honest opinions on both parties' parts.

    The Hollywood romance equates to the fairytale happy ending.

    It doesn't really exist.

    I'm not trying to be a cynic, just a realist.

    Good luck.

    • Yeah what you describe as having a real relationship does sound like a movie, or a novel...

    • So you're saying real, healthy relationships don't exist? I'm confused.

    • Well, I was asking you that I was hoping you could answer that for me because I'm confused...Because you are saying that they don't either.

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  • I like to believe it's possible. I mean "perfect" relationships aren't realistic, but I think true love is. I believe you can find the one person you can love more than anyone else and who will love you back. Is it easy or common, probably not, but I've experienced love before and I know it exists. I had my heart broken, but feeling that strongly about someone actually re-affirmed my belief that one day I can love someone that much or more, only the next time will be different and they'll love me back. I may never find it, but hoping is a whole hell of a lot better than settling. So yeah, I believe in love.