Talking to girls when they're in public with mom?

is this even really possible , I find it mostly not . like today I was at the mall and saw these 2 cute girls who would of been like 19-20's in this store . and then I also saw them in the parking lot as they were parked rate beside me oddly enough . but they were with their mom and I didn't bother to say anything or feel that comfortable even though I found the one attractive .

so are there any options in such a situation or should you just say something anyways ?


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  • Lmao I think this is a problem everywhere. Matter of fact I see a lot of guys simply turn right around whenever I'm out with my mom, with the same look I'm sure that you had on your face!

    Honestly I don't think it's possible, at least not for the ordinary guy I believe that for the sort one must change their tactic. Don't approach when the two are talking [maybe when their walking or have stop to look at something] politely approach them and smile warmly. Excuse yourself and tell them [looking at the girl] that your sorry but that you saw her/them and would like to if it's okay to get her number. [This last part should be said looking from both mother and daughter, so that it seems as if your asking the mother's permission] In some cases it might be best to ask outwardly...

    Maybe you'll be one of those guys, Happy Hunting!


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  • i find it very uncomfortable to be flirting or whatever when I'm with my mom! its awkward!


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