Prom dress , hair and make up ideas? need lots of help.?

Okay so my prom date is wearing a red vest with a black shirt underneath and I have to wear some type of red to match. I am thinking of doing a black short dress with red bow tied around the waist like : link but maybe w/o the bow tie in the front cause I don't know if that's ugly or not

and black strap high heels


but I don't know if it should have that much straps?

and kim kardashian inspired curls like


and kim kardashian inspired make up


like something with a lot of black and dark eyeshadow

this is me w/o make up link

ugly I know ha ha but just so you know what kinda colors I should wear and my hair length got a little longer its been 2 weeks since that picture. so please help me out, and I'm also open to new suggestions if you think I should do something completely different ! thanks ( :


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  • That sounds pretty. I like the curls and the makeup. The bow on the dress looks a little tacky, is it like that, or can you retie it? I'd put it in the back, if the red strip would still be in the front. I don't know about the heels, that link goes back to the dress page, but it sounds pretty. Don't go overboard with the makeup, but I think the Kim Kardashian look would be good on you. And don't worry, you look fine w/o makeup (Lucky). :))

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