Would I look good with the spiderbite piercing?

please be honest xD.

this is a pic of me


nd this is a pik of the piercing


i alreadi have my nose pierced so I will be taking that one out if I get to do this one..but please I need some opinions ..!thank you..!=]


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  • I would say just keep your nose piercing for now.

    Having spiderbites in today's society is still very frowned upon and it will definitely affect you if you go in for a job interview. Employers, if they hire you, will require you to take it out. And that's going to be a hassle considering most new facial piercings aren't supposed to be removed until 3-6 months after. You'll risk it closing as well as infection. Not a good idea.

    But, if you're currently enrolled in school and plan on being enrolled for the next few years you could and just enjoy it while it lasts.

    It would suit your face fine because you have bigger lips.

    Good luck.

    • Tenkiuu.!yeaa I was thinking about that too..!yea I'm gonna be in school but I wanna start working so there's a point there..!x]..thankss.!

    • You're quite welcome. Then it's probably best you don't.

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  • No I don't think so but ya one stud if you really want it...i personally dislike facial piecings but on you it'd be kinda :S

  • Eh. It'd look a little iffy on you. Just one little stud would look pretty good though. :P