Size of a girl?

What size to like a girl to be? like weight I mean?

Skinny? medium? Larger?

Really just what do you like in a girls body shape, style, etc.

Anything to do with that. thanks


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  • I would say to be in proportion.

    Some girls suite being larger, because it looks good on them, it suites their body structure.

    Others look better being skinny.

    Then you get the girls who are too skinny for their body structure and it looks unhealthy, same with ladies who have too much weight on them.

    My best advice, just be active and eat well and you should have no problems.

    and I see that your under 18, your body is stilll developing.

    So just go with the flow, keep fit and you will be sweet :)

    • Hah, that's a great answer. Yeah, I totally agree with this one, don't shoot for skinny/chubby/weight. I'll tell you what I've always said: don't worry about how much you weigh unless you're concerned about your health. Just focus on how you look at whatever weight you're at. If you look good chubby, keep it.

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  • I gut me a girl that's over 7 feet tall and ways 82 pounds. There ain't many like her around. She used ta be my friends wife but he gut his truk reposessed a year ago and needed a way to get ta work, so I traded him one of my motorcycles fer her. She's a good one but sumtimes I sure miss my motorcycle.


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  • All guys have different preferences and types. You'll never fit everyones' mold, nor should you want to. You should want a guy who accepts you for you.

    You're never going to find two alike guys who have the same physical tastes in women.

    Some like 'em skinny, medium and large. Some like hourglass, some like athletic, some like short, some like tall. It's all substantial.

    There is a guy out there who likes you for you.

    Don't try and change for anyone else. You'll be lying to yourself.

    Good luck.