Is she even wearing makeup?

I totally s*ck at makeup but I would really like to finally learn how to properly draw my face on. I wanted to ask you, much more experienced people, what to exactly use (what makeup products) for the look to look similar to this - Is she even wearing makeup?
I'm kinda confused. Is she even wearing makeup? The stuff is sometimes unrecognizable (for me at least) o. o Her freckles and nice features are still very well shown but her skin looks flawless and I don't think that it is possible for someone with pale skin as hers (and mine too).


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  • It all revolves around how well you are with your hands. I learned to draw in my adult life and now my beard looks super smooth because I use a lot of the same reference points with my drawings with trimming the asymmetrical hairs. I don't know about the entire makeup process except that you gotta have those hands correct


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  • yes, you can tell her lips are glossed

    • Yep. I know her lips are glossy but it's her skin. It looks natural but still really good. Probably just a little big of foundation right?

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    • Thanks for all your responses. I'll try to use that product. I hope I won't screw it up. xD

    • I'm sure you won't ☺️

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