He's sweet and I'm not. =(

My boyfriend is the sweetest guy ever, he always says and does such cute things. The problem is I'm terrible and awkward when it comes to sweet moments. How can I get better at this? If he says something cute like "seeing you always brightens my day" or "you make me so happy" then what can I say/do back?


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  • First, smile and thank him - he will appreciate it, guaranteed.


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  • This can be really difficult when you are not the type of person who says things like that. But a smile works just as well. You could say things like this if he says something nice:

    1. The very popular I Love You

    2. insist that HE brightens your day or whatever he says say No You Do.-------(whatever he says)

    3. Smile and lean in for a kiss

    4. If your better being fiesty than sweet than use that as an avantage boys look fiesty girls!

    5. You Look so good in that shirt ect

    Hope it helps! =p