Girls, have you ever fell in love with a guy whom you first considered unattractive?

You see the guy and you think he is unattractive. But after you talk to him and know him for a while you feel attracted . Did this happen to you ?

What did he say or do or how did he behave that made you change your mind? Did you still love him even if there are hotter guys out there ?


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  • Oh yeah that was my first love. I don't really know what he did. We just hung out and he never gave up. I loved him more and more as time went on and he got better looking too. Even though I'm not with this guy anymore he is still deffinately one of the hottest and best relationships I have ever had. Don't let looks stop you. What's inside is what really matters.

    • Thanks this really helped! I am suffering a bit of self esteem about my looks sadly.

    • We all have self esteem issues no matter how we look. Good luck

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  • Yes definitely. I was kinda repulsed by him at first because he was not my type. But then his confidence won me over as well and personality and having so much in common with him. It's definitely possible for girls to be "blinded by love" but I would venture to say the majority of guys is a different story. They are driven by physical appearance and just seems to me that scenario wouldn't happen to them as often as it might for females.

    • Hey thanks! Telll me how did he project confidence? if you can go back to the strongest impressions of his confidence what would you remember?

    • He always said what he thought - never held back. Was never self conscious like asking does this look good on me, am I good at this? He just proclaimed it instead lol maybe borderline arrogance but not quite haha, any girl will tell you confidence is sexy, but same can be said for girls too; guys look for confidence.

  • Oh yes. Actually I fell for this guy once I didn't even notice in class before because I didn't really look at him or find him in any way attractive. Then I fell for another guy who I wasn't even considering liking and hardly noticed before either. It's just crazy how this whole thing works. xD

    • Thanks for answering ! How did the transition happen? what were the steps from indifference to crush ?

    • I have no idea actually. . The first one was because his brother told me that he liked me. I started looking more into him, and I could actually see all the good stuff and how attractive he really was. So I liked that guy for 3 years.. and it seemed we both really liked each other. Until one day, he kind of drifted off to the more "popular" and "Much more Attractive" girls then me. And then after that, It took a while to get over him.. but then I started looking at other guys. And I found..

  • Lol sorry my comment ran out of Characters. Anyway, I found another guy who I never really payed attention to, until I found out he may also like me. I guess I'm a fool for liking only the ones who like me aswell.. but idk. I'm sure if I found someone also who I never really liked before, and just looked more into him (Even if he doesn't like me back) I could still like him. Sorry, this is all so confusing but whatever! :D

    • Well love is confusing so your feelings are valid. It is actually good that you can develop attraction for people who like you instead of developing attraction for people who didn't notice you . Thank you so much for your input on this.

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