What do you infer of a well dressed guy?


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  • that he occupies a high position at his workplace and that he is high maintenenance

  • That he:
    •is vain
    •is meticulous
    •is hygienic
    •has good taste in fashion
    •spends a considerable amount of his income on his dressing if he does not shop wisely
    •shows respect for others cos he cares about their feeling by putting efforts to leave a good impression. For example:
    If we were to stand before a judge in court, we would likely give attention to our appearance and dress well out of regard for his position. Likewise, the way we appear in front of others shows our esteem for them :- )

    • A little story:
      Once upon a time, there was a wealthy man who was popular in a town cos of his hospitability and generosity. He liked to invite friends to his house for meals. He had a servant who could cook a nice meal for any guest at any time.

      One day, his secondary school classmate decided to pay him a visit and see if his friend would treat him to a meal too, as they had been classmates in their youth after all. So he turned up at the wealthy man's house in torn and tattered clothes and his friend did not cook him anything to eat that day.

      The next day, this same old classmate turned up again at his friend's house. This time he was dressed elegantly and atttactively in a blazer, a skinny tie, a pair of trousers and leather shoes. Everything from head to toe was branded. The wealthy man immediately ordered his servant to whip up a sumptuous meal for his friend.

      After he had finished the meal, the old classmate took out some money and put it on the table.

    • The wealthy man was puzzled and said the meal was free cos he was treating him, especially since they were old classmates.

      The old classmate said, "No, you did not treat me. You treated my nice branded clothes. Yesterday I turned up at your house in torn and tattered clothes but you did not treat me anything. Today I turned up in nice branded clothes and you treated me to a sumptuous meal. Thus, it was my branded clothes that ate your meal and not me. And this amount of money was paid by my branded clothes and not me."

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