Akward moment!

OK, help me on this please I have this friend on my Facebook and he's a guy but when we hang out in person he's quiet around me I mean we talk and he's nice to me but like when were face to face he's super quiet. I was across the room and I was near a different room he was looking at me in the eyes and not moving when somebody called his name he stared at me for like 10 were hanging out again but I don't know that was a awkward cute moment but I don't know what that means?


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  • hes probably shy...and doesn't really know what to do to make things go farther...so maybe he's looking for advice just as much as you are : )

  • It means he liked what you were wearing that day. You are no doudt very pretty, too.

    • Lol liked what I was wearing he was just looking at me in the eyes...not clothes lmao thank u.

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