What kind of clothes do girls like seeing guys wear?

Guys, pick which one you wear the most. Of other comment below.
  • Casual, regular fitting
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  • Baggy/loose fitting
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  • Tight/close fit but not skinny jeans
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  • Skinny jeans
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  • Semi formal/dress clothes
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  • Formal, suit or tux
    Vote F
  • Tank top and sweats or gym pants
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Casual to semi formal on daily basis and formal from time to time. I prefer all black outfits on guys with lots of leather.


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  • you forgot nothing;)

    jk lol, definitely casual clothes for me. hoodies and baseball caps or whatever it is that's comfortable for y'all

    • It is comfortable. I usually wear a T-shirt, cargo pants, and a hoodie if it's cold.

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    • Well maybe I just blend in cause most girls don't even notice me.

    • honestly i feel like most girls like their dudes to dress up and stuff, meaning that most girls aren't like me, so sorry about that. trust me though someones gonna notice you eventually

  • when someone's clothes are on the more alternative side and he shows he has a personal style

  • For me; sweats, tshirts, just comfy clothes.

    HOWEVER, sometimes I do like to see men wearing formal clothes and suits.

  • Depends on the body type. For thinner and taller guys I like skinny jeans and semi-formal/ a mix of both. Tux's are pretty hot too, but only some guys can pull them off

    • But tuxes are uncomfortable, I wore one for orchestra and they are really constricting. And only certain guys can wear skinny jeans, "larger" guys find them too uncomfortable.

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    • And, some clothes fit certain people different than others. Honestly what ever YOU are comfortable in, is what is best

    • I know the perfect girl to go shopping with but she lives far away and is always really busy with school, work, and her boyfriend.

  • Sport clothes, like a shirt, shorts and sneakers or a hoodie and a sweatpants.


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