How much does a nose job cost?

I'm starting a job that will be paying $30.00 an hour. I'll be working 10 hour days for two weeks straight and then a week off, then repeat. I'm trying to figure out how long I will have to save for. How much does a nose job roughly cost? I've done research and found extremely different prices so I'm looking on here to see if anyone knows someone or has had one done personally that knows a real price range.


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  • I think they're about $5,000 minimum if you get them done professionally. If it's any less than that, I wouldn't trust them, because that sounds pretty questionable.

    Just curious, where are you working that you were able to get a work pattern like that? I've never heard of it, and tbh it sounds like something I'd like to do.

    • Hey thanks for your answer! I got a job up at a camps where the oil rigs are cooking for all of the workers. It's long days that go weeks on end followed by a week break or so where you can go home etc. But you live up there while you're working. Boring repetitive things like making sandwiches but worth the money

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    • That was supposed to be a "!" Lol

    • Lol :p yeah it's exciting

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  • Depends on the doctor honestly. Find a good doctor and get a consult done them you'll have a price


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  • I'd go broke if they had to do a nose job on me. If my nose was yellow, people would think I'm eating a banana.

    • LOL what?

    • Haha I literally just laughed so hard

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  • Anywhere from 5.000 to 10.000 $


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