What has been the hardest part about learning Photoshop?

Hey! To you guys who have been learning photoshop, would you mind talking about what you find hard to wrap your head around, what intimidates you about it and what you'd like to learn?

Also let me know if you are a:
Beginner (you have spent less than 5 hours total on Photoshop)
Amateur (you know how to import images, you can mess around with some of the adjustments and filters but nothing comes out particularly good)
Intermediate: (You know how to mask and use the content-aware features, basic touch-up's which are usually close to impossible to find and roughly understand color depth like 8bpc vs 16bpc vs 32)
Pro: You use Photoshop very often, you know how color spaces work, a bunch of shortcuts and can mask like a total G
Master: You're a certified Instructor (what the fuck are you even doing here?)

Teaching a class soon and gotta know what to teach lol


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  • I'm somewhere around pro... I use it mainly for drawing but i don't use shortcuts, and i'm not sure what you mean by colour spaces. But i can use a lot of the tools effectively and sometimes i like to enhance/touch up photos :)


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  • I am a master im not even joking but im not an instructer, 6 years on photoshop i also have a GCSE on graphic art and photography which i did all on photoshop.


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