Do people ever comment on your new clothes?

I've had a few people at work now comment on my new clothes. One person even asked if I won the lottery because I had bought some new clothes.

A little background info:

I moved back in with my parents just over a year ago. And I put a lot of my stuff into storage. Then my parents bought a new house so we moved. So I've been going through all of my stuff and finding stuff I haven't worn in a while. Some of the stuff they haven't seen me wear before is stuff I've had for like 5+ years.

I did buy some new stuff, but I desperately needed some new pants for work. I was down to 1 pair! And it's winter, I just wanted to look nice for work.

Is it bad, should I stop wearing 'new' clothes? At my last job people got jealous because I would wear clothes they hadn't seen and they would always complain about how I must always spend money.

I do have a lot of clothes. But I don't spend a lot. Most of my clothes are from wal-mart or other discount stores. They would come into work with designer bags (Micheal Kors) or other brand name things.


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  • I have had teachers told me I dress too nice for my job. I like to mix match and it comes out different so they would comment how well they are put together.

    People will make comments usually a conversation starter to connect.
    Continue to do what makes you comfortable but presentable appropriate for yiur job.

    Like 666 he is dress for his job lol...


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  • Sometimes I do, when I really like someones' look and it's a friend or collegue I have a good bond with :D
    Generally they appreciate it!


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  • Sometimes, but not really. I'm not that great in fashion.

  • Sometimes.


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