How can I stop being so shy around cute guys?!

Whenever I'm around cute guys I'm painfully shy. I won't look at them or talk to them or when they're around my eyes are glued to the floor. Last year there was a guy in my economics class that I thought was cute and he sat next to me all the time and my neck hurt at the end of class because I wouldn't turn my head in his direction. If I'm at a party I won't even look in the direction of a guy I think is hot. The only I only way I can talk to cute guys is pretty much when I have too which is pretty much only at work or a group project type of thing because then I have to talk to them, there's no way around it. But for cute guys I'm not working with they probably don't even know I've noticed them or they think I hate them or don't want to get to know them because I ignore them.


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  • this is a problem. First lets start with you. The only reason you would be afraid to look at them is because you are afraid they will judge you and the judgment will be negative. Which means you don't have a lot of confidence in yourself in general. Start by finding the things about yourself that are good qualities and think about those, instead of the bad ones. Then when you do finally look at a guy you can wonder which of the GOOD things he is going to notice, instead of the bad ones.

    Rejection is a part of life. I'm a pretty attractive dude, and I get turned down a lot, but I also get a lot of yeses when I try. If I let every "NO" stop me, I wouldn't get anywhere. So you just have to realize that "no" is going to come more often than "yes" and don't let it bother you. It might not even have anything to do with you when you hear it. They might be in a relationship, or just like a different type of girl.

    Once you're over that, then you can begin to explore what works and doesn't for you. Confidence is the number one attracting feature for men and women, so without it, you will always be struggling to get the guys you want. It also means that your confidence has to be real and not forced. When you get to the point that you can say to yourself "I'm a great girl and a guy I pick will be lucky to have me" and not mean it in an arrogant sense, then you are ready to look a cute guy in the eyes and smile genuinely.

    Then you can do things to begin to attract the guys you like. such as: making yourself purposely visible, subtly invading his personal space, using body language to show you are open to him approaching, lightly touching him during conversation and so on.

    Then the real "game" begins because there are a million other girls out there all competing for the same "hot guys". So you have to stand out from them and be unique and interesting. Which really means, have your life in order, be happy to be you and be a total package for yourself and therefore a potential date.

    Good luck! you have the greatest adventure of life ahead of you FINDING YOURSELF. It's the hardest and also the most rewarding part of growing up. But once you do it, the boy will come running.


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