How do you wear make up if you have bad eyesight?

Everytime I try to use eyeliner it looks like crap because I have issues with one of my eyes and have a hard time putting it on because of my vision. Any tips?


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  • hmm i would do the tape trick! or use black eyeshadow and smudge it as liner

    • Whats the tape trick? Or the black eyeshadow trick? Im sorry i rarely use make up so ima noob and I couldnt find any tips online.

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    • @tayla10133 Well even I've learnt something new today, thank you. x

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  • I have the same issue! I usually but my eyeliner on first in case I mess up so I don't have to start entirely back over. If I mess up I just wipe of that spot and try again or try to cover it with some eye shadow.

  • I wouldn't wear


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