Girls, what's more stylish/attractive on a guy? - Dark grey VS black sweatpants? - And how tight?

I need them for skateboarding in comfort, so the casual look is suitable, but I still want to look nice. So:

1. Can black sweatpants look good, or should I stick with dark grey?
(My tops are long and short sleeve tee shirts, white most often. Shoes are currently blue skate shoes.)

2. Baggy VS slim-ish VS skinny?
(I have really buff legs, but I'm not very tall. To me skinny looks best but I'd like opinions. Basically perfectly fitted so there's no empty space, but not actually tight like leggings. lol)

Thank you! :)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Either or are good colors they're neutrals that go with everything, im guessing its like joggers I would go with just enough tightness so it won't hinder you while riding

  • just wear skater shorts, sweat pants are not attractive... or just not care what you look like while skating...


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