Girls, Do you consider your Bras to be Functional or Sexy?

While obviously the original point of a bra was to support a girl's breasts... now a days bras are designed to be sexy, with lace, bowties and cute colors. Many girls that don't even need the support of a bra still wear one just to 'feel/look sexy'.

So while a bra may serve both purposes... Do YOU personally see a bra as PRIMARILY serving a functional purpose (supporting your boobs) or serving a sexy/sexual/flirty purpose by looking cute and making you feel more sexy? If you can only pick ONE purpose, which do you personally feel fits better (no pun intended!).
  • For myself, Bras primarily serve a FUNCTIONAl purpose.
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  • For myself, Bras primarily serve a SEXY/CUTE purpose.
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  • My bras are definitely meant to be for both purposes. A plain flesh tone bra is functional but it's not pretty, I dont feel good in them so I don't own any. My bras primarily are functional (supportive without being too constricting or painful), but a large reason I own them is because I like the way I look. It's probably like 75% function, 25% aesthetic.

    • Thanks. So if you don't mind me asking, why don't you feel good in plain bras? I mean as underwear, no one really sees them except maybe the straps... even all day you don't even really see them... but it still makes you feel less sexy?

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  • If I'm going out on a date or girls night out I wear something cute and sexy however if I at work, doing chores or out shopping I wear something functional. I guess for me its 50/50.

    • So are you saying that some of your bras are sexy, but aren't really functional? And that some of your bras are more functional, but not sexy? As in, you don't have bras that serve both purposes equally well?

    • Pretty much.

  • Both

    • As I stated in the question, I know a bra is both... but if you had to pick ONE that is primary... which would you pick?

    • @Asker function. Ain't worth the look if am gonna feel like crap.

  • I prefer none

    • You mean you never wear a bra?

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    • That being a different story yes it's needed for outings the case usually being if they are husky to overweight or surgically augmented,

    • Gravity!

      Maybe a corset would be best for some, something to support the spine

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