(Girls) would you date his guy?

He is 215lbs but only has 9% body fat and partial abs because he does four different martial arts and is training to join the Marine Corp. He's good looking (at least a 7) however he is really hairy. His chest hair isn't nasty or anything but there is a lot and he has a little back hair. Would you be turned off even if you liked him or thought he had a really nice body/personality or was cute?


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  • Studies have shown that the more hair a guy has the higher sex drive because of the testosterone levels.

    Some girls really like it, others don't. If you had a carpet all over I'd have to say no. But before you get too concerned, there is always waxing or laser hair treatment. Just don't take it all of...some hair is normal, natural and hot.

  • well its not my type. but its def plenty of girls' type. don't worry.


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