Cheap, effective beauty secrets and tips, anyone?

I'm looking for cheap and effective ways to keep up and hopefully improve my looks, since I'm always looking for ways to make myself pretty as I possibly can and also for ways to cut down on prices, since we all know how expensive beauty products and cosmetics can be. Not all of us can afford these things. I know I can't, so I was wondering what kind of beauty tips you guys have to share. I already know about using sake at night as a toner to rid of dirt from pores and help with discoloration of the skin, blemishes, and acne, using olive oil to deep condition your hair, eating strawberries to help keep your teeth white, using coffee grinds to rid or lessen the appearance of cellulite, and using plain yogurt as a facial mask to help exfoliate the skin.

I also forgot to add that I also know you can use cocoa powder as a bronzer!


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  • Coconut oil - I use that for shaving (makes your legs very soft and smooth) and as cooking oil...

    I also use it for my hair so it's shiny and soft (Make sure you leave it on for 15-30 minutes before washing it off with shampoo and conditioner)

    I use salt to whiten my teeth, it works for me.. Lol.

    Vasline - to take off my make up..

    I also use apple vinegar for my hair..

    Papaya for my face.

    Aloe vera for my face too..


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  • You'd be surprised how much your diet can improve your skin tone..a lot of green vegggies, esp. dark green ones, can do wonders for some people!


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  • Vitamin E in gel/liquid form on your eyelashes = full, long and amazingly healthy eyelashes... just put some on before bed and they'll be great by the next morning. It helps to re-hydrate them after wearing mascara.

    OK and now I'm curious about all your remedies... ? Do we get to know them or are they secret? ;)

  • Vaseline is a great cheap and versatile product. Also semi permanent hairdye, from the drugstore is a great way to color your hair, and it doesn't leave lines or breaks in your hair like permanent hair dye. Also suave cocoa butter with shea lotion is great, and cheap.

  • eating strawberries are good for your teeth. they naturally whiten and remove plaque

    mix olive oil and salt (or sugar) for a moisturizing natural scrub

    vitamin E gel can help remove dark marks

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