I made a fool out of myself!

I woke up feeling sick! Last night I went out on my second date with my crush and it was a total disaster! First, I was over-dressed I thought he was going to take me to a really nice restaurant and he ended up taking me to a more of a casual place. He had jeans and I had a nice dress, I felt so off! Second, it was a Japanese restaurant everybody knew how to eat on chopsticks except me! I made such a mess and had soy sauce on my pretty dress. Third, I spilled my Sake drink on the table. Fourth, I was soo nervous that I ended up talking more than my parrot. I realized this morning I really didn't give him a chance to talk! And Finally, I thought we were going out out after dinner (like we did the first time) and took me home instead!

I feel like such a fool! I think I tuned him off! I need to fix this. HOW? I


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  • Okay lets look at this logically.

    Better to be over dressed than underdressed. show you got style. hey girl do not stress over that one. did he remark.?

    Chopsticks.! did you laugh it off. always the best way. don't stress he was probably as anxious as you on the date.

    So you spilled the sake! big deal in the scheme of things.

    So you spoke. Huni you need to stop over analyzing things as a) it will do you head no good and b) send out the wrong vibes . this guy will sense that a mile off. you need to be cool, friendly and fun and let him take the lead. What did he say at the end of the date.?

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