Guys, what do you look for in a girl?

Personality or looks or both, anything you can think of? All help will be appreciated, thanks in advance ;)


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  • someone who connects with your sense of humor and can joke with you easily, is trustworthy, nice, good character, and someone I find attractive no specifics.


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  • There is three things that a man should look in a woman:

    - a woman with the brains

    - a woman you hang out with

    - a woman you can have sex with

    and he must make sure that these three women never meet ;)

    On a more serious note; I will keep the girl with the personality as long as she fits my standards.

  • Hi there

    I am also in the "Under 18" age group so I know just how you feel when trying to get a guy because I have no idea what girls look for in guys

    so I will try to help you out a bit

    I am a simple guy so I look for someone that is not like the hottest girl in the world or anything but someone with just good looks

    I really don't care what the girls friends are like or anything because if she has a good personality and will like me for who I am

    Now this is probably the biggest thing for me

    I know it is hard for everyone to tell someone that they like him or her (her in my case I'm not gay) but if someone asks me to go out with them I am friends with I will say yes because the courage to ask is just down right hott to me as long as they are good looking to me (totally different than most guys) and will care about me then I will do the same

  • Maybe, it's because I'm young and superficial, the first thing I notice are looks. However, I've had to say no to many pretty girls because of their crappy personalities. And usually I find a girl with a great personality much more attractive then a pretty girl with a repulsive personality.

    Remember that all women look pretty in a smile ;)

    • Thanks so much, this really helped ;)

  • Looks are the hook. But a great personality is truly what would keep me in a relationship.


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