Curly girls, help?

My hair has gone from very light waves, almost straight to curly (an annoying mix of 2b/c & 3a/b) and I have no clue how to take care of it. A friend suggested getting Cantu shampoo and conditioner and I love it so far. But I've been hearing things like keratin and protein treatments, co-wash, all that. All I do now is shampoo every other day with dry shampoo on no wash day and a coconut oil mask once a week but my hair is still frizzy and somewhat dry feeling. I don't use heat on it, only styling I really do is a french braid or bun. Any advice?


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  • I don't have curly hair but my hair is naturally wavy, if left uncut for longer than a month it gets worse. I use cowash when I shower, and ever since my hair has never been dry or frizzy. I've tried using no shampoo and it's great but your hair gets a little greasy. Cowash is the way to go in my opinion.


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  • Silk therapy can help take care of the frizz. And try using a pick to brush it

  • my hair is the same way unless I straighten it.
    I use hair protector and shine spray


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