Please, What kind of Irish Celtic knot is this?

Please, What kind of Irish Celtic knot is this?

Can someone tell me what kind of Celtic knot this is? Is it a lovers knot?


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  • I'm pretty sure it isn't a love knot. Many love knots have hearts in the design, and the "X" in the middle which is the rune for love. It looks like a typical design on a typical Celtic Cross.

    Others with a better knowledge of Celtic and Pagan symbols may correct me.

    • So no specific knot you can see? Just a design?

    • I may be wrong. Have a look here:

      Page 14 shows a typical love knot with hearts and the "X".

      But page 16 shows a design called love, like 4 circles. If you look at the design on your cross, there a 4 circles and a SEPARATE closed loop for the cross.

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