Want to lighten my hair?

So I am a natural blonde who dyed my hair dark brown

It has faded into a medium brown. I would really like to lighten my hair and go blonder. Not platinum blonde or fake looking but a dirty blonde or just a lighter blonde.

Ive dyed my hair with at-home dyes and had them turn out really well. So I want to dye my hair at home just blonder. So I'm wondering if you ladies have any advice for me?


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  • i sujest you to give your self high lighs and low lights they will brighten your hair and not make it boring and if your not sure I recomend you to go to a hair salon to get a pofesional's advace they know what would sute you best

  • My goodness. :O You have beautiful hair the way it is! Why in the world would you want to die it? D: