What to do for touchably dry hair?

Okay so Im a natural red he'd typically I dye my hair brown or black a few months ago I decided I wanted black and a sliver but I didn't want to wait out the bleaching process so I bleached it 12 times with in 2 days using a hair mask and grease to keep it from becoming to damaged happy to say I didn't go bald after that I dyed the hair twice and boom got the look used a deep conditioning and a olive oil mayo mix and it was soft but in order to maintain the silver color I have to use purple shampoo which dries the hair I've even mixed it with conditioner so it looks soft and is soft as long as it is left curly but when straight it looks sleek feels brittle almost wig like what can I use to keep my hair grey and soft


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  • Ok, well I've never done to my hair what you did to yours, BUT I have very very dry hair naturally and it's long, so it needs lots of maintenance from me to keep it healthy. With these tips I've had good results keeping it strong and shiny even though it's long and tends to be quite dry. A couple of my tricks...

    -Don't use conditioner. Instead of conditioner use a hair mask (the kind that they usually only recommend once a week). Use the mask every time you wash your hair, in place of conditioner. It's like conditioner on crack, it just does a better job of nourishing the hair. My favorite affordable one so far is made by Beauty Protector and I buy it through Birchbox.

    -Pay attention to ingredients in the products you buy, some ingredients are just more powerful and effective than others. Great ingredients to look for are argan oil and sea buckthorn oil (aka seaberry). Vitamin e, avocado oil, and olive oil are also good, but I really recommend you find a mask or hair oil with sea buckthorn - it's crazy effective, at least for me.

    -Hair oils, the kind you apply topically to minimize frizz? I use these about twice a week, and apply them generously to the lower 3/4 of my hair before bed, then shower in the morning. Ingredients on these products is so important!!

    -Speaking of ingredients, if you avoid products with alcohol in them, that will help since alcohol dries the hair.

    -Diet. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, and eating a diet that has some healthy fats (omega 3s, etc). I actually take a supplement that has argan oil, vitamin e, and biotin in it, and it's helped my hair grow stronger. This might not impact the hair that's already grey but it would help your hair grow in stronger which might help with breakage and split ends as you continue dying your hair in the future.

    Hope that helps!💕


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  • Lol so many things wrong with this... you've seriously damaged your hair. Did you use bleach or olaplex? If it was bleach you've destroyed all of the natural oils and damaged the hair cuticle - curly hair generally absorbs moisture but when you're straightening your hair it just dries right back out and causes more damage.
    I'd be using a hydrating mask every week and quit using heat tools for awhile

  • Why did you bleach your hair 12 times? What the hell? Cut your hair since it's obviously very damaged and allow it to grow without touching it.

    • Yeeeaaah.. Noooo It took me two years to get this length split ends are better than no ends

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