How to fix a tanned, flat-nosed, wide-lipped Asian?

A bit of background info: I will be turning 16 soon. Aaaaaand, without further ado, here are my flaws:
My nose is in-between button-type and flat-type.

My lips are growing thicker because of puberty but it looks disproportioned and makes me look hideous due to the Asian beauty standard of thin lips, white skin, high nose bridge and big eyes.

My hair is straight and accentuates my eyebags and wrinkles. If only my grades were straight (A's) as well... :(

1. I am not the ugliest in the school, but I do come a close second.

2. I have eczema and dandruff issues.

3. I tend to get nervous easily, so my frown is more profound. Is there any way to stop myself from being scared of everything?

4. My body figure is far from ideal. My feet are considered large (size 38-40) and my legs are muscular (my main method of getting to places was by walking, as my family were too poor to afford train costs, let alone own a car). Funnily enough, my upper arms and belly are flabby. When I eat, it looks like I'm pregnant. Should I eat less? I'm already cutting out most meats.

Sorry for the long text, it's all I ever think about.


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  • Typically the most unpopular and most unappealing people aren't so because of their physical shape. It's because of their insecurities and the negative impact it has on their social behavior.

    This can lead to a vicious cycle where the social behavior is warding people away, which then causes the insecure person to focus on less relevant factors like looks as the source of their problems, which then elevates the insecurities and wards even more people away.

    You have to break that vicious cycle. Your looks are probably already perfectly sufficient to become one of the most glowing and magnetic personalities out there where people always want to invite you along and everyone wants to talk to you. It's the insecurities that prevent you from achieving that more than looks.

    It might help to some extent, especially if they boost your confidence, to try natural ways to improve your looks. You can apply treatment for the dandruff, eczema, and fitness and diet.

    You might benefit from some level of core training for the abs. Note that you can't make your abs look flatter or even much more defined through abdominal training. Doing it excessively will make those muscles just become bigger and bulge out. You want to do just enough to improve your posture and learn how to flex your abdominal muscles. That'll tend to prevent your tummy from becoming so loose and fluctuating wildly when you eat.

    Above all else though, if you want to fix yourself, you want to lose the insecurities. Stop looking at the mirror and concluding this is the main problem from a social standpoint. Socialize, talk to people, have fun, smile, goof around, laugh. As you start getting the hang of this, you'll receive lots of positive attention from it, and that will then start working you towards a cycle of confidence instead of insecurity. You have to make the effort to socialize though and also overcome any negative tendencies which give people the wrong impression about you.

    • If you believe you are the ugly duckling, you will be, for the simple reason that your behavior will ward off everyone.

    • >> "Perhaps not the ugliest girl in the world, but I do come pretty darn close."

      This kind of BS becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are fat girls who draw lots of people for the simple reason that they're charismatic.

      I'm not suggesting that personality attracts, not some inward idea that has to be communicated anyway. But charisma does, becoming a social creature does. Even a girl with the prettiest shape and face but an RBF and a stand-offish posture with crossed arms all the time will ward off other people, and surprisingly can have the exact same kind of insecurities from it.

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  • I haven't heard of the "thin lips" beauty standard. and even if that's the beauty standard, ignore it. own what makes you; you. friends will like to hang out with you bc you are yourself. and a girlfriend will love you for who you are, if not, then she doesn't deserve you.

    everyone should have a healthy diet and work out. (that doesn't mean starving yourself). start slowly, babysteps are the key.


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  • Bit of wd40 should Clean it right out

    • Thanks mate, that completely wiped away my problems! 100% would recommend

    • The dandruff and dry skin thing is just a teenage hormonal thing. Use head and shoulders itchy scalp treatment, that one works best. If it's tingling, that means it's working. Remember that.

      And get some soap free face wash for the eczema. The higher range qv stuff works pretty well.
      Start an exercise routine. You won't see results straight away so persistence is the key.
      Don't think of yourself as second ugliest in school. We both know that's bullshit. Think of yourself as an above average person and don't underestimate the power of positive thinking.

      The teenage years are quite awkward for a lot if us. Just make the most of being young and healthy and be grateful for your life.
      Only love.

    • Thank you :)

  • your poor family n flabby belly contradict a lot


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  • there's no fixing it you're a teen going through puberty and feel weird about it but things are still growing and taking shape gotta learn to embrace and love it as for the flakes aloe and oatmeal lotions Shae butter Coco putter head and shoulders

  • I'm sorry you don't think you're beautiful. No one should ever feel that way. At the end of the day, I think you just need to find a way to be content with how your body is. Maybe talk to a therapist or friend?

    • I've tried, but they don't help. Because they've been hearing this stuff all the time (from the internet or from other clients, respectively), they become neutral

  • I am sure you will find some genetic mutation that will be of a benefit of you instead of listing all your undesirable physical attributes..


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