How to fix a tanned, flat-nosed, wide-lipped Asian?

A bit of background info: I will be turning 16 soon. Aaaaaand, without further ado, here are my flaws:
My nose is in-between button-type and flat-type.

My lips are growing thicker because of puberty but it looks disproportioned and makes me look hideous due to the Asian beauty standard of thin lips, white skin, high nose bridge and big eyes.

My hair is straight and accentuates my eyebags and wrinkles. If only my grades were straight (A's) as well... :(

1. I am not the ugliest in the school, but I do come a close second.

2. I have eczema and dandruff issues.

3. I tend to get nervous easily, so my frown is more profound. Is there any way to stop myself from being scared of everything?

4. My body figure is far from ideal. My feet are considered large (size 38-40) and my legs are muscular (my main method of getting to places was by walking, as my family were too poor to afford train costs, let alone own a car). Funnily enough, my upper arms and belly are flabby. When I eat, it looks like I'm pregnant. Should I eat less? I'm already cutting out most meats.

Sorry for the long text, it's all I ever think about.
How to fix a tanned, flat-nosed, wide-lipped Asian?
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