Girls, my goal is to transition to a girl. If I want to get into swimsuit modeling, how do I go about it and where in the US should I live?


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  • I would suggest California for a place to live, they are one of the most liberal and "tolerant" states for that type of stuff, they may not be part of the US in awhile though. (there's been some talk of them wanting to separate recently, I doubt it'll happen, but you never know)
    also, I would suggest either hormones or possibly surgery, if you aren't ready to try something as permanent as that at first, try push-up bras (found at Walmarts easily and as far as I know, don't have any negative things that will possibly affect your body) and possibly some of those things some women buy to give their body a more "feminine" shape.
    ALWAYS get those things in the correct size though, and don't try to leave it on all the time, it's like with a binder for a transman, if you don't use the correct size or leave it on too long, it can and will damage your body. it isn't quite as bad, but still, don't hurt yourself

    • any idea how i could get a photographer to notice my body after i get it up to feminine standard?

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    • what are some things i need to know about transitioning from ur pt of view to fit in with other women?

    • can u help me text/talk more like a woman

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