Change my hair color?

first my hair was dark brown.
at Christmas I dyed it red like that
but I swim every day andthe color barely lasted 1 month
so now my roots are dark brown again and the rest of my hair is unknown lmfao
it s like dark brown, red, light brown hahaha so I gotta change

so I was thinking of doing the natural color again because it will last.
so I go for black?
dark brown?
light brown?
and do I add highlights or just make it natural all in all


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  • Hey girl, ok so you should do dark brown if you have a pale complexion, makes ya look intriguing. Don't do the highlights.. every basic girl does that ! Ahaha


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  • your hair looks pretty damaged no offense. id definitely recommend against using any kind of peroxide to lighten. bleaching is so damaging and harsh, and will cause it to break if pushed too far. if i were you id go dark at least while it gets healthier again..

    • it s not damaged though. but the color now is sort off shitty.
      I didn t bleach it too

    • sorry just my opinion. i dont know how it feels irl, but just from the photo its looks kinda... dry? you also said you swim a lot, and lots of salt water and/or chlorine can give that kind of appearance too.

      i still recommend darker though, it will definitely help it look healthier and more even :)

    • no worries girl but it s not really damaged
      my hair is actually really curly and that was like the 2nd day after I straighten it so it might look fuzzy or dry

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  • Do it Do it! lol do something bold... have you tried a non stripping shampoo it makes the color last longer... by the way I made the appointment I'm dyeing my hair next Wednesday

    • lol no bold
      doesn t last shit with me haha
      and hurrey I wants pics as soon as possible :P

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    • yea they re super expensive haha
      my mum has one for like 200$ or so
      and I ll google that henna thingy haha
      never done it

    • They are... especially the lace front ones
      yeah my sister has tried the dye before... she really likes it.

  • I think dark brown will suit you and you are very pretty by the way

  • why don't u try chest nut color? i think it would look good on u

  • Black and dark brown would look best on you. Also they won't have to bleach it first which is good cause it damages your hair.

  • Honestly you look pretty with any hair color.

  • I honestly like the red tone you did before.

  • Ooh do a nice rich dark brown color with dark Carmel highlights.


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