I know I shouldnt look into it, but?

OK. so yesterday. I was at work, looking fairly good (I was out 2nd job searching before hand). in walks the hottest girl in my OLD h.s.

i was a freshman when she was a senior. she's now a college grad. and I'm a 3rd year in college (shes 23 and I'm 21). so anyway, yeah hottest girl in school when I was a freshman walked into my work. so I say to myself isn't that (insert name here). I walk over to her, and just start looking at cd's (which is what she was doing) and I go "aren't you (insert name here). she says yes and I go.."you know my best friend (insert name here). she says yes again. and we get to talking. I hadn't seen her in 7 years and when we were in h.s. I never said hi to her. she's what's known as "popular" and I was known as "unpopular". of course this was a diff. setting so it was a little more relaxed. I end the convo by saying well ill add you on Facebook and of course don't be a stranger...i can't remember what she said to that..cause I was so caught up in looking at her (yes, I know..shallow..im not really shallow, but I'm STILL A GUY)

my point to this is..i know I shouldn't really look into this as anything special especially cause on her fb it says she's not looking right now. but that it was proof that I am able to talk to a hot girl like that and not freak out. lol.

was this wrong of me? I highly doubt she saw it as flirting but..was it wrong of me to basically just give myself an ego boost? and should I really try anything?


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  • go for it! :D


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