Which dress you like best for my date?

The sexy game we play is if I buy date nice dress she has to buy me nice suit at roughly same price.
  • Which dress you like best for my date?A
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  • Which dress you like best for my date?B
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  • Which dress you like best for my date?C
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  • Which dress you like best for my date?
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Oh it's date where I have to have suit. It's date, dinner, and hotel night. Maybe some jazz music or ballet. Fireplace smooshing. Very chill and we try and keep our outfits clean. Other dates we roll around in the mud. I wear swim trunks and t-shirt for those dates. I like D best but I am going with people's choice here. Girls give best advice on dresses even though it's usually men that design dresses..
Why is D being ignored? Don'y worry you can't hurt my feelings on this.


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  • Are you going to Prom with her? Geeze. All except A seem way too intense for the night you describe for this date.

    • No prom. That is why I posted here. A seems best choice. My suit is nice so her dress has to be equal.

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    • just ask the salesperson for help. I used to work retail and guys would come in all the time trying to buy gifts for wives or girlfriends or daughters and they had no clue. Just tell them what you need and ask if they have anything that would work or if they have any cocktail dresses, and they can at least steer you in the right direction.

    • A and the ballet are my choices. Guys have more of a clue than you think we do.

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  • D

    I picked it before lookin at the updates or description.

    • D is my fave but I guess not for date night which I see now. Interesting that guys are helping as much as girls. Guys tend to explain our choices more.

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    • tuxedo I mean.

    • dam i wished we had that here in England lol. even tho i dont have a girlfriend i never get to show off my slik looking suit. only on special occasions like going to weddings which is like once in a blue moon lol. anyways get loads of compliments when i wear it in weddings.

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  • A is the only real date dress, the rest are gowns for major events.


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