Would you suggest a super hairy guy to use epilator?

Being a super hairy man i feel like inferior animal compared to other people esp women because they are so much better skinned and smooth.
Trimming still leaves me prickly and stubbly esp because my hairs are very coarse and thick.
I want to try epilator ALL over my body and be nice smooth skinned man who can easily attract women and be sexy to them.
Is using epilator on the whole body good option for a super hairy man?
Is epilator good for super hairy man?


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  • it hurts like hell. I have one and barely use it, it's worse that waxing but it's great because it's not as messy and no ingrown hair. If you can handle the pain why not?

    • have you tried it on the coarse hairs? It surely is painful , but how long does the pain last , how long does the red itchy pores last and does it give painful itchy ingrowns and regroth?

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    • its doesn't matter to me but if hate for the guy to do that to himself just for me. if you want to because you like its fine. my turn is smell really, hair doesn't bother me

    • you dont mind how messy and beastly super hairy man can look esp when he also has hairy shoulders , belly and upper arsm?

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  • if it'll make him shut up about how hairy he is yes

    • will it help it? you sure?

    • Well if that won't make him shut up about it I don't know what will

    • His death might shut him up and free him of hairy curse!

  • there are gals who like hairy guys tbh

    • thats philosophical statement. who likes a super hairy man? do you even know anyone.

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    • its socially acceptable , trye. But i am super hairy even on those places. dark thick black shag rug , and guess what upper chest hair is turnig grey a well now. Can you even tolerate to see thet chest hair peeping out of shirt button? i doubt.
      If you were a guy like me , you would keep it as it is even if women hate it just the way you do t?

    • Hey I personally have a lot of things I hate about myself. But hey, if someone is worth your time, they'll appreciate you for who you are :) that's my motto

  • if he wants to

    • would it be very painful , esp on his torso because the hairs there is like shag rug thick?

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