Regular jeans and jeans from brands - what's the difference?

(No hate meant) I'd like to buy some new jeans but still can't decide if I should invest in jeans from some brand or in simple ordinary ones as always.

To be honest I can't really see much of a difference. Only that jeans from brands are about 10 times more expensive.

I never really cared about brands and stuff (I am not rich enough to buy such clothing often either) so I also wanted to ask, do you care a lot if the person you are meeting/dating has expensive clothes?


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  • stick with cheaper ones. they'll last about the same and save a ton of money.


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  • Honestly, I'm a sophomore in high school and all the girls at my school (aka the ghetto girls) all wear Jordan's and name brand stuff to fit in and have all the guys like them for what they're wearing, it sounds crazy but its true sadly.

    Honestly, I buy jeans at the thrift store or Charlotte russe ( and rue 21) at my local mall cause there is no way I am buying name brand jeans! Name brand don't last along as simple pants. By can buy some at Walmart for $5-$10 k i

    • I never finished. Point is that you should just buy simple cheap jeans instead of spending so much on brand ones

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    • Girls at my school always say nasty comments to me cause i wear the target and walmart brand boots instead of uggs. Honestly it doesn't bother me at all cause why should i spend $200 on uggs when i can buy so many pairs of the walmart/target generic uggs with $200.

      If that makes any sense lol

    • It does or at least I understand it xD and completely agree.

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  • Money. that is the only difference

  • Same jeans, different label & different price.


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