Can you help me with my stubborn girlfriend?

I want to take her ice skating at an arena, but she's paranoid of being cold and always refuses. She bet me that she will still be cold no matter what and said she will wear whatever I say to prove it.

Looking for what you think she should wear. Help me win the bet!! What is the absolute warmest combination of clothes?


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What Girls Said 2

  • What do you normally wear?

  • Tell her to wear warm clothes like a cardigan, thick cable knit jumper top etc

    • Yeah she wears those kind of clothes normally, she needs something more serious lol...

    • Its only a ice arena it won't be that cold lol

What Guys Said 1

  • Is it because she can't skate and is worried about embarrassing herself?

    • It's really because she is lazy so this would be a great way of getting her out of the house, I just need a really good outfit to convince her...

    • Is she into shopping? Use this as an excuse to get her a new outfit. Also take this time to take her out for dinner! Maybe at the least you will get laid at the end of the night!

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