Why does it seem like a turn-off if you try to dress a little nicer to impress a girl?

Like instead of a T-shirt, if you wear a button up or a collared shirt for the occasion... why does that seem to turn girls off? If I like a girl I want to look nice and presentable for her, not just like its just casual and ya know, whatever...

Idk I'm a guy that likes to show some class and some respect for a girl I'm interested... but then I seem to "come off too serious" and I'm fairly certain that image and dress plays into that a little bit. I'm not looking for a relationship to play games tho. I want to make a genuine run at things with whatever girl I pursue. I don't pursue many, I'm picky, but I look for someone I can have a real future with.

Is this where my timing is all off? because the girls I'm pursuing aren't ready for a serious relationship? I'm only 19 but I'm mature and I'm a good guy and only looking for the right reasons.


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  • personally, I don't think its a turn off if a guy wears a collared shirt, like lets say I was going on a date with a guy to get some dinner and a movie, I think it'd be cute if a guy wore a collared shirt, it shows he actually wants to make a good impression on me, and doesn't want to be like other guys who always wear t-shirts when they take a girl out. I don't think wearing a collared shirt would make you come off too serious, that's just dumb if a girl tells you that. Also, I don't really think your clothes will show a girl you respect them, your gestures, motives, and actions will let a girl know if your really into her and respect her. I also don't think your timing is off, maybe your going for girls who are just into partying and stuff, that's how most of my friends are and they're 19 -20. but ya, about the collared shirt, your good on wearing them. hope I helped :)

    • Do you think girls that are into partying now would like think of me when they want to settle down a bit and maybe consider me for a date later on?

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    • It doesn't get me much female attention at all, especially from girls I'm interested in... :(

      its like respectful is a turn-off nowadays... it's sooo backwards. and when I couldn't care less about a girl is when she starts to show interest in me.

    • Maybe your just going for the wrong type of girl? maybe try dating outside your typical type you go for?

      no way, respect is definitely not a turn off, trust me, but I do see where your coming from, most girls these days go for the jerks, but not all girls. you just haven't found a girl who's into a gentleman.

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  • Why do you say it turns girls off to see a guy that looks nice? If a girl is turned off by a guy that looks nice, why would you want to date that girl? Chances are if you look nice and you are putting in some effort, you are serious about trying to find a girl. Perhaps the girls that think it is a turn off are the girls that are not looking for something serious. I personally find it attractive for a guy to put forth effort in his appearance. It would set him apart from the other guys that look sloppy and lazy.

  • it depends how you dress. if you come off like an old man going to a business meeting then that's not good. if you come off stuffy and too formal then its a turnoff

    • Well I ain't talkin about a suit and tie... lol ;)

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