What features do boys like?

Hey I was wondering what 16 year old boys like. Like features. Do they like dangling cute earrings? Tall and skinny..But not too skinny? Do they like light brown hair? And do they like girls who wear makeup that makes them look natural or girls who wear eyeliner and other makeup?

thanks boys ! Please answer if ur around this age only. Thanks


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  • 16 year old boys like skin. The more they see the more they like. At that age, they just want to get laid.

    Even after they grow up, honestly most men could care less what kind of earrings you wear. Women mostly wear earrings to impress other women.

    Make-up is fine, do not wear too much, you don't want to look over the top, but if you find the right balance, guys usually like it. But we like the all natural look too. There are many different kinds of girls in this world, most guys like a variety of different things.

    Over-all I think you're over thinking this. Men like women. We see you as an entire package, not a collection of features. We like allure, we like girls who give off a sexy female energy, we like girls who give us some sign we are interested.

    The rest, like exact body type or color of hai, is not nearly as important and it will vary from guy to guy.

    • Wow this really helped me !thank you soooo much :)

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  • We like girls that are hot. Simple as that. All of that other stuff depends on personal preferences.

    • Hahaha..i was expecting an answer like tht. Thanxx 4 answering ! ;)

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  • Guys likes and dislikes on stuff like that is going to vary a lot. It's like asking someone their favourite colour.