Is it unusual for person who is fit/has a nice shape to mostly wear baggy clothes?

I love to exercise and eat healthily, and will say that I have a good-looking body (and others say that too on the rare occasion that I wear something fitting), but I live in vintage sweaters and mom jeans. I just find it comfortable. However, I often hear that it's people who have less-than-ideal bodies who wear that stuff.


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  • Duck em. I wear whatever I want. I am for too. Whenever I wear good clothes it's on parties on concerts. Just wear whatever you want. I wear normal jeans and big hoodies all the time. I'm not fat. Just like wearing comfortable clothes.

  • Baggy clothes was a style back in 1980's for a while... Neither for me.

  • No your comfortable wearing what you want i wouldn't look at it being abnormal.


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