How do I cut long layers on shoulder length hair?

How do I cut long layers on shoulder length or just below shoulder length hair?


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  • I have been cutting my hair myself for 8 years now and I've done layers a few times, although I'm not a professional at all, so this may not be the actual proper method to do it.
    It depends on how many layers you want and how high you want your shortest layer, but I always combed mine out at a horizontal angle and cut at the point where I wanted my shortest layer to be. It's hard to explain, but to I would put my finger on the spot I wanted the shortest layer before combing it out horizontally, and I would cut there. Keep in mind that depending on the angle you cut it at, this could result in overall shorter hair.
    You would probably be best to watch some YouTube videos or to have someone who knows what they are doing cut it if you are afraid of messing it up. I am not picky about my hair and was able to carefully do it myself without any major issues. It's hard to do, especially evenly all the way around.


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