How do I get thinner if I'm already dieting and doing 15 hours of sports a week?

I really need help, please... DX
Sorry it's a bit long:
Four years ago, I used to be underweight. I used to be this skinny, anorexic, underweight, girl. Nothing would fit my size, I was literally a size minus 10. Then, all of my friends and my parents told me I had to eat more.
Guess what i did. (yay not really...). I ate anything (mostly healthy) that could increase weight. Now, I consider myself as a fat person. Ok, I didn't need to say "consider", I just said that to make it sound nice, but I'm getting fat.
Then, three years ago, I started doing exercise. 15 hours a week. My weight was still the same (that fat one, i mean D: )
One year ago, I started dieting. I eat literally HALF of what I normally eat. My weight is still the same.

Please help me! I'm in a really desperate situation. I've tried everything (healthy, obviously i didn't starve myself). I'm meant to be skinny, since I'm cutting half (not exagerating, i'm always hungry now) of what i eat, I push myself extremely hard in the 15 hours of sports i do (running, swimming and skating). I'm still fat! What's wrong? Please help!!!


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  • your body could've changed? I've noticed that my friends have very different bodies than they did when they were 15/16~ i think it's a sign of growing up, curvier and a little more fat (not necessarily bad fat but just more womanly). A 25 year old is unlikely to ever be the same weight she was when she 14 again.

    Chances are you are already at a healthy weight for your height/body and it's comfortable being there :) if you're exercising then you'll be building muscle which weighs more than fat. If you're always hungry then chances are you need to eat more~ staving yourself isn't going to make you lose weight.

    • Thanks! So you think it is hormonal-ish?

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    • Haha thx!!!

    • No worries :)

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  • 15 hours of sports? are you serious?
    well eat accordingly to your calories. count your calories and eat less calories than you should eat in a day

  • :( Well Id suggest you head onto bodybuilding dot com website and post pics, include details of what you actually eat.
    there's a lot of professionnals, coaches and whatnot there, guys and girls who may be able to help you out.

    But at the very least include details of what you eat and drink daily, how often, when.
    And do the same for your excercising. As many details as possible.
    Then people can offer you concrete solutions.

    Feel free to pm me details, if you want a more long and detailed breakdown of whats going wrong.

  • What's your macros

  • Well you could do my 4 hour morning work outs but you will probably need to spend years before you can do the full work out


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  • If you had anorexia without medical intervention I am pretty sure you sill have it. Just because you consider yourself a fat person (with an anorexic background I'm guessing you aren't even fat at all) doesn't mean that you are. Go talk to your doctor before you end up killing yourself.

    • no sorry, i didn't mean i had anorexia, i just meant i was extremely thin.

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    • Well, i'm just kinda sad that i'm getting fat. Like, it's a harsh change when you used to be thin, but now you're fat...
      But maybe it's hormonal, I don't know...

    • Yes but what you think is fat might not be fat.. fat is not determined by weight alone... do you know wendal sailor? He's a football player... stands at 6ft and weighs 140kg... he's technically "overwieight" but he plays professional football which means he trains several days a week, plays a match and can run around for well over an hour tackling the shit out of other players. I'm not saying you're 140kg lol but you know this
      Man is a tank (all muscle) yet still considered "obese" just based on his BMI..

  • Cutting food will not make you thin. Your boy goes into starvation mode to save itself. Only a healthy composed nutrition plan will give your body the desired weight. And that depends on your height, present weight and fat%. If you really don't loose weight with 15h of sport, it probably means your body thinks it is at a lower limit. So have your body fat% measured and evaluated

    • Well i still eat, but not as much as i used to

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    • Not if you balance your food to your daily need. See that your calorie intake is somewhat lower than your daily need, not too much. And for the rest enough vegetables and fruit. And enough proteins to avoid muscle breakdown.

    • ok thanks

  • how much did you weigh & how tall were you?

    how much do you weigh now and how tall?

    15 hours a week is not going to affect your input output much. how much do you actually eat? if its a normal amount then it might just be what you need, thats why you're not losing. there's no concrete information here. hard to give advice.

    • i grew only like 5 cm (around 2") and my weight increased by like 10 kg.
      I used to eat around 3000-3500 calories ( lots of cookies, my friend gave me one each day), now i eat like 1500-2000.

  • How much do you weigh and how tall are you (bmi)? What is our waist to hip ratio? those are accurate ways of telling if you are at a healthy weight.

    • bmi is around 21-25 ish (i can't remember, i took it too long ago and my weight is broken for now)
      waist to hip ratio is literally 1

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    • Lol your fine trust me- you are still going through puberty so your body is still changing

    • ok, that's sorta reassuring

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