How do I shrink my pores?

My pores have been looking larger lately and my skin has been breaking out more often (not badly just one or two zits). Any recommendations for skin products or home remedies?


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  • Wash with cold water to contract pores


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  • Pores generally look bigger when sebum is mixed with dead skin cells (clogged pores) due to them being stretched. It's typically enough to use a chemical exfoliator once a week, or a cleanser with low salicylic acid percentage. If you're the type of person who likes masks, a clay mask can refine your skin by extracting impurities.

  • Use a good Tonic... Ph balance your skin and the tonic will also close up your pores making you look like you have smoother skin

    Use it after you wash your face I guess

    • You can ask the lady at the pharmacy for a good tonic for your face, tonic helps big time for pores

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