Ladies, what are the popular handbags (brand and item name) in the price range of $2500-$4000? Also can you give me a tier list?

so I know what brands to focus on? Thanks!


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  • My favorite:
    Celine - Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag in White $3,400 (there are other styles but I like the one in white, it looks classy and sophisticated)

    Top tier brands: the holy trinity of high end bags
    Hermes (Birkin/Kelly are most sought after but probably out of price range), Louis Vuitton (Speedy, although it's cheaper than what you want to spend), Chanel (2.55, again less than what you want to spend)
    Secondary: Big Fashion houses, tends to be more high end than the last tier
    Alexander McQueen, Celine, Dior, Givenchy (Antigona, just shy of $2500)
    Third: Brands that I see too much of and so if someone had one of these bags I'm mildly less impressed, these brands are also more affordable
    Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kor

    This also really depends on what your girlfriend likes. For example, I like shoulder bags and totes, but I don't like crossbodies. I also like a more elegant and sophisticated look. Not a huge fan of logos everywhere on my bag or a very large logo, but she might like that. Bags are fairly personal so, your best bet is to ask her close friends or see what kind of bags she uses/likes.


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  • Popular and best are... not the same.

    The best is top tier bespoke.
    Of the known houses, Hermes is likely at the top.

    • I agree but I'm buying for someone who prefers brands everyone knows and wants. I really like the Hermes Birkin. Can't afford it yet tho

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    • she didn't. but what can I say? she deserves to be happy

    • She does, but brand chasing is a very unstable method to get there.

      by the way I just checked, for leather not exotic you're in the range of a brand called "April In Paris" which is fucking incredible. Made by one woman who used to be one of Hermes top leatherworkers. Hermes+ quality. (custom stuff available as well).

      As a lifetime piece, would blow any of the YSL/LV etc out of the water.

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