Are slim guys back in demand?

So when I was a kid skinny guys that liked girls were usually stoners. They were heavy into art and rock music. They partied with very sexual girls. I see now slim guys are in demand only not stonets. More the skinny guys that dress in suits. What is going on? Male models have never been slim until the last few years. I walked into a fast food place and all the guys were slim and all the girls overweight. I thought I was in the twilight zone.
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I must add skinny with muscles not skinny without.


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  • Skinny guys have always been and always will be in demand both in fashion and desired dateably. My husband was a skinny guy. Muscle men are hot too but skinny guys have a big following.

    • Awww, that is good to read. Maybe in the long run we all like something different when it comes to body style which should be encouraging to all shapes and sizes.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I mean im a skinny guy and I seem to do pretty well. But I'm muscular for as thin as I am (perks of being a mechanic) and I would assume that helps. seems like maybe you're right.

    • I should have said skinny with muscles. That makes a difference.

    • I suppose that's true. I'm not really sure, but it seems like Dadbod is also still in trend as well.

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  • I like muscle on a guy. Like, thicker than I am. There are some skinny guys I find attractive but I'm more into muscly and thick guys that come off as being able to pick me up with one hand.
    Concerning models, skinny will always be in demand, I think. Same with women.

  • I thought muscular guys were in demand

    • I mean in fashion industry. I am not seeing much animosity these days against slim guys as used to be in past. Most women do not go for muscle heads rather a guy that is filled out especially in the arms naturally. Artistic women tend to like slim guys from my experience.

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