Girls, For all H. S. or college girls that do this, is there?

I'm at Uni, got a player rep. But there's this 1 girl, really thick, wears those black tights a lot. I try to play it off on her by ignoring it and not looking down but I can't because of those damn tights and how thick she is! I look down and my jaw drops every time, ugh. I look up to try to refocus... but right into her poker face, and I can't belreak through it, uggh!!! This sucks! Are you one of these girls who wears these and stays poker faced like she does? Honestly, is there any way to ignore it and not look down? Or a way to break through the poker face? How? Its freaking killing my ego, I can't, so Helpp!
  • I don't wear those or stay poker faced, N/A
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  • Its easy, ignore it and don't look down
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  • Try harder to break through the poker face, its easy
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  • Learning your lesson yet? You can't ignore it, can't break through the poker face, drop the act NOW.
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  • i don't care when guys look


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