Unique eye color? or something else?

Why does he look into my eyes SO deeply?

There's this outgoing guy who I don't know as well but lately he's been starting conversations with me in class. He will just come up to me and start a topic and when he looks at me..he looks SO deeply into my eyes to the point where it gets VERY awkward. I have a unique eye color so maybe he's just checking them out? Does it mean anything?


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  • Somebody might be (very likely) interested in you.

    Guys really don't stare into eyes and make conversation with girls they aren't at least interested in & unless they're gay they aren't looking just for a buddy either.

    • But what does he think he's gonna get out of looking into my eyes so deeply?

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    • Yep, he's in luv/lust/mad like with you - CoNGRATS!- Go get em tiger :)

    • Aww! Just thinking about it gives me butterflies haha. I feel like a little school girl.

      Thanks so much! :)

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  • If you have emerald or jade colored eyes, that might be something worth staring at for sometime. Ever heard the saying that looking into one's eyes is like looking through the window of his/her soul.

    • Well I have like the blackest hair ever known and green eyes with orange/gold/yellow in the middle....it's quite odd and it changes colors too.

      I still don't get it though...he's looking into my eyes because he's trying to figure me out?

    • Yes, you have the eye color...green is jade and the sunny middle. interesting, I'd definitely stare as well, might be interesting for your pupil dilation if any.

      If you don't like him staring then tell him to stop.

    • I don't mind him staring; it just gets awkward sometimes haha.

      Thanks for your help!

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