How many of you ladies have gotten a brazilian wax done before?

My boyfriend wants me to get one before we have sex. I usually shave. I've read about the dangers of catching an infection and the pain. Not to mention how pricey it is. What should I do?

Should I talk to him about it or just wait until the day comes and say that I couldn't find the time to do it the day before?


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  • Yea lots of girls do it
    and quite frankly it's worth it hahah

    They go all around everywhere... so he can really get in there if he wants too


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  • Talk to him about it. If you mention the pain and possible risk of infection, and he still wants you to do it, he's being extremely selfish.

    Also make him pay for it if he wants you to get it done.

    I've gotten it done and it is painful the first couple of times.

    • How likely it is to catch an infection?

    • Depends on how refutable the place is. If you go a place that's cheap you're more likely to get an infection because they may not sterilize or do as well of a job.

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  • It's not worth it and it is going to kill trust me on this hun

  • what's a Brazilian wax?


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  • I've had it done and honestly I prefer it... shaving just makes my skin freak out... both methods are good though.


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