Ladies, What kind of heels and dresses do you like to wear?

We know heels can be painful to wear, so what kind of heels do you wear and why do you like to wear them so much?
What does your dress look like and does it make you feel a certain way when you wear it?
What makes you decide to wear a certain dress for a date or going out?


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    Boots like dis. Or if heels, they need a chunky heel!

    And dresses like these. Always body con because I'm hourglass shape with relatively large butt and boobs. But sometimes I like to be covered up a bit. Always wear stuff that's mid-thigh or knee length, don't do really short stuff usually.

    • Thanks for the visuals to help understand better.

      Why do you "only" wear chucky heels? (Assuming you mean the point of the heel)

      And do you avoid anything shorter for dresses for any reasons or it's just your style?

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • The pictures helped your chances. LOL

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