How do you prefer a girl dresses?

Guys, what is something that a girl can wear to make you think, "Wow, that girl looks really good." Please don't include things such as lingerie when cooking dinner or mini skirts with high heels at the club. I'm looking for every day activities in which you may see a girl participating, such as:

a.) Strolling the mall

b.) Hanging out with her friends

c.) Out at a casual dining restaurant with her family

d.) At an amusement park

e.) At work (if no uniform is required)

What types of outfits would make your heads turn? Not in a slutty way, please, I emphasize.

The second part to my question would be what you would like to see her wear when she's around you, but not trying to turn you on specifically. For instance:

a.) She's coming over to your place to watch TV

b.) She's sporty - you guys are going outside to play catch

c.) You're taking her out for ice cream on a Summer day

d.) She drops in for a quick kiss on her way to class

e.) You two are going on a long drive to nowhere, or even somewhere.

Would you prefer your girlfriend to wear jeans and a tshirt? Sweatpants and a tshirt? Do you like her to dress in nice dress pants and a nice shirt? Any other ideas? What do you find "cutest" or most attractive when she's not trying to be?


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  • For a) to d) I like the girl next door kind of look.

    I don't expect her to be dressed as if she was going out to a club as if she's peacocking. That's actually a turn off sometimes. It makes a woman look desperate for attention if she dresses up for events a) to d). At work, it depends on her work. If it's office kind of work, I always find the girls in their smart business kind of clothes attractive.

    For your second part:

    a) and b) once again, the girl next door look works out great, jeans, tshirt. College girl look I guess.

    c) Summer dress of course!

    d) jeans, tshirt

    e) depends on that "somewhere" :)

    Jeans and Tshirt when it's nothing special.


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  • First of all there's a difference between catching my eye for the right reasons and catching my eye for the wrong reasons. An example would be short shorts and a low-cut top. Yes it turns heads and it looks REALLY good, but when I see it, I'm not exactly thinking "wow! she sure would be a great find to bring home to mom and have a long-term relationship with!"

    For both #1 and #2 the answer is the same. Jeans that aren't skin-tight and look like they're actually made out of DENIM, not spandex made to look like denim. Clean sneakers. A comfortable shirt that isn't skin-tight.

    If I see a girl who's dressed like that, regardless of the occasion, and doesn't look bad, it WILL catch my eye and in a good way.

    • I couldn't agree more. I mean yes, seeing pam on baywatch in a a small swimsuit is hot. but really, I would never want to date a girl like that. I prefer cuter to hoter and women just look better when they are not looking like they want to have sex.

  • -Peasant skirt with a top that really hugs the figure and a stylish belt.
    -unique jewelry, perhaps an eye-catching necklace. Nothing too extravagant. Self-made jewelry works quite well, as long as you don't suck at it.
    -DARK coloured corduroy mid-leg boots. No light cooloured uggs. And knee high boots are hard to pull off with anything.
    -natural, or bright-coloured flats
    -NO maternity tops. If the top has a divide just below the breasts, don't buy it. You'll look preggers, even if we know you're not.
    -Hair to match the mood of the outfit.
    -Wearing the hair completely up is cool, but don't do it with flowy clothing. It just throws off everything. It "kills the flow" if you will.
    -sporty, light coloured summer skirts with mid-toned to dark tank tops.
    -little or no makeup. Go natural often, so people will notice when you wear makeup.
    -cute glasses. Not those retarded shutter glasses.

    Basically anything can be worn as long as it matches ITSELF and doesn't come off too trashy.
    Just no uggs, crocs, overpowering eye makeup if it doesn't go with what you're trying to do, and NO inappropriately high heels.

    • Omg thank you! crocs are so gross! "they're comfy" I don't care they are ugly! hahaha I hate crocs!! lol and uggs.. bleh.. unless uggs for like.. home.. but not to wear outdoors! lol

  • They always say that if you have the bod, anything will look good on you. Physical appearance can override almost any outfit so if you have nice boobs, shapely legs and a firm butt; you have it made. It takes a really lousy gown or dress to make an attractive woman look bad.

    The best a woman can look is to be clean, tidy and not smoking. No makeup or very light makeup and presentable but not in a "professional" way. Smiling is the best way to draw men to you. Finally, avoid wearing shirts that ridicules men. You know the ones, "Men Are Pigs" and so forth.

  • I'm a regular guy; the more I see, the better. Cleavage is always welcome, and unless you're an amputee, you've got legs to show.

    You don't have to be trampy; if it's a little too short, it's probably just right. You won't impress the girls in the room, but it's not their attention you want, is it?

    Now if you're VERY curvy, you can run against type. Some girls can fill out a potato sack, bless 'em.

  • I think wearing something that's bright. A pink shirt or bright yellow. Or sky blue. That brings out the cheerfulness in a girl

  • Sundresses, with clogs. Tight jeans with belly shirts, and pink sneakers.

  • Generally speaking, I want a girl to wear clothes that I couldn't wear. In other words, I want women to dress like women, not like guys (sneakers, old jeans & t-shirt). She should wear a nice top, like a button shirt, but it has to have a feminine look. Jeans are fine if they're nice (not holes in them or dirty). For shoes, women should wear something other than sneakers (well, at the amusement park's OK). I'd suggest ballet flats. Unless you're at the amusement park, I think women should wear trouser socks or pantyhose/knee-hi's. I wear heavy/thick athletic socks, so I'd rather see women wearing something else.

  • I think they would all look nice but b4 reading your choices I thought of sweat pants


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