Girls, Genuine questions for girls who live in northern/cold places: what are the warmest kind of pants & do you ACTUALLY wear long johns?

I live in a warm climate so I'm just curious!


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  • When I lived CO... I used to wear snowboard pants everywhere. Wasn't a fan of long johns.

    • Snowboard pants actually look pretty cool! Did you wear them instead of regular pants? Too bad I don't get to see any here!!!

    • Yes sir that's what I did. Saved myself the laundry. Just wake up and hit the slopes. Leave class and hit the slopes. Half the time I wore my board boots too. Always ready to go. Life was good.

  • I usually just wear jeans. Sometimes legging underneath if it hits -20 and I know I'm gonna be out long (hasn't been that cold in a few years). I'm honestly kinda used to the cold 😂

  • I don't wear long johns every day. But I do when I know I'll be out for a while like for a walk or ice fishing. Then again -30 is pretty normal here.


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