Girls, do you like your butts?

big or fat or love your butts?
Girls,  do you like your butts?

what do you think of your butts?


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  • I have a big arse. My boyfriend loves it and he is literally obsessed with it but I've always hated it. I feel like clothes don't look good on me because my wide hips and arse make me look fat at certain angles. But then everyone says I'm skinny O. o Damn you brain.

    • i think just you are beautiful one cuz big arse so sexy and nice for ladies and people said you skinny , i think no problem.. :)

    • Yeah maybe. Everyone has insecurities. I like certain things about my boyfriends body that he is super self conscious of. Can't complain as long as he likes it lol. Gives me more confidence.

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